Jaganji Asset Management (OPC) Pvt Ltd

15 Years Of Experience

Jaganji Asset Management (OPC) Pvt Ltd is Tamilnadu & Pudhucherry leading E-marketplace that lists all kinds of bank auction assets (NPAs). From residential & commercial properties, we list all the properties that are to be auctioned with the advantage of choosing a property anywhere in Tamilnadu & Pudhucherry.

The properties listed by banks/financial institutions are relatively cheaper than the market price, hence attracts heavy interest but lacks participation in auctions. We observed that the difference between the willing investors and active participants in auctions exists due to the lack of information.

Jaganji Asset Management (OPC) Pvt Ltd bridges the gap between the investors and the banks and financial institutions by presenting accurate information on website, we display the property in the site till it is sold.

Interested buyers can seek properties that are up for sale or to be auctioned from any city in Tamilnadu & Pudhucherry. Jaganji Asset Management (OPC) Pvt Ltd intuitive outlay helps to fulfill the buyers’ quest with accurate information presented in realtime and various filtration criteria to shortlist any kind of property.

We aim to empower investors by helping them to seek investment opportunities through credible and legitimate auction sources and better insights for listed NPAs via banks and financial institutions.

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